Three-phase asynchronous motor

Specifically for the European and American market design, motor outlet box placed in the top of the motor casing, installation size in line with ICE standards, F class insulation, B temperature rise assessment.

Y2 series three-phase asynchronous

Y2 series three phase asynchronous motor is designed for Eur-American markets,the motor outlet box on the top of the motor frame,the whole structure compaction,the mounting dimensions are complied with the IEC.the class of insulation is F and B-class temperature rise assessment.Y2 series motor has the charac-teristic of high efficiency,energy saving,high starting torques and the novel structure and high perfor-mance.etc.

Operating conditions

Protection class: IP54/IP55
Insulation class: F
Cooling method: ICO141
Rated frequency: 50Hz、60Hz
Rated voltage: 220/380v,230/400v,240/415v etc.
Duty: S1(continuous)

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