Three-phase asynchronous motor

The use of advanced technology design, the use of high-quality materials, high quality starting capacitor, beautiful appearance, advanced performance, reliable operation.

Y series three-phase asynchronous

series motor is totally enclosed squirrel-cage three-phase asynchronous motor, the fan type is the latest design, the basic series of IEC standard, with high efficiency, energy saving, large starting torque, low noise, small vibration, high reliability and convenient in operation and maintenance etc., are widely used in excluding inflammable, explosive or corrosive gases generally places and no special need of mechanical equipment, such as metal cutting machine tool, pump, blower, transport machinery, food machinery, construction machinery, agricultural machinery etc…

Operating  conditions

Protection class: IP44,IP54,IP55
Insulation class: B、F
Cooling method: ICO141
Rated frequency: 50Hz,60Hz
Rated voltage: 220/380v,230/400v,240/415v etc.
Duty: S1(continuous)

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