Single-phase asynchronous motor

YCL series single phase capacitor start motor

YCL series heavy-duty single-phase motors equipped a starting and running capacitance and  ,suitable for powering small type machine tools and water pumps,specially for family workshops where only single-phase current supply is available.motors of the said series are integrated with up-to date design.made with the best quality materials and possess the features of pleasant-looking appearance,outstanding performance,easy maintenance and reliable running, Low temperature rise, low noise, small startup current, large starting torque,the designa-tions,signs and nominal values are all in conformity I.E.C standards. This series is our hot sell product enjoy many high reputation in domestic.

Operating conditions

Ambient temperature: -15℃<q<40℃          
altitude: not exceed 1000m
Rated voltage: 110v,115v,120v,220v,230v,240v
Rated frequency: 50Hz or 60Hz
Protection class: IP54
Insulation class: F                   
cooling method: ICO141
Duty: S1(continuous)

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